Looking (and keeping) Cool for your Beach Wedding

In the wedding industry we tend to focus A LOT on what the bride will wear, with the groom’s attire seen as secondary to complement her style. While bridal fashions have certainly evolved over the last few decades, groom’s choices were often relegated to “what type of tux” and “what color accessories” (remember when cumberbunds were all the rage?). Luckily, this trend is changing and we are seeing more of an emphasis on the groom’s wedding day wear (and increasingly more what both grooms will be wearing for our same-sex couples)!

A destination or beach wedding offers an opportunity for a variety of attire options for the groom (and his groomsmen). While we still see formal weddings on the beach with men in full tuxes, it’s just as likely for grooms to choose something more casual and comfortable. At Simple Weddings, our wedding planners chat with our clients about their wedding day wear so that we can help match the decor to the wedding party, but it’s also important to rely on your planner’s expertise for other reasons. 

With an outdoor wedding, especially at the beach, the elements have to be taken into consideration when considering what to wear. For instance, we discourage tuxes or suits with vests during the months with extreme heat (we don’t want anyone passing out from heat exhaustion). Likewise, in winter months, short sleeves and shorts might not be the best option as it can be windy and cooler. 

Your wedding day attire is also an opportunity for you to personalize your special day and share your personality. We’ve seen everything from cowboy hats and boots on a groom and his friends from Texas, to color-coordinated Converse tennis shoes, to Hawaiian shirts. Even if you prefer to go with a traditional suit for you and your guys, you can still add color and fun with unique socks, ties, or pocket squares. 

Whether you’re choosing a linen shirt and khaki shorts, or a classic button down with just a vest and bowtie, consider the different ways you can create a signature look that fits the theme and location of your wedding. Check out more options on men’s wedding attire on our website under Galleries.