Let Them Eat Cake (or pie, or cookies, or macarons…)

Other than you and your new spouse, your wedding cake will be a focal point of your reception. Cutting the cake and sharing those first bites as newlyweds is a traditional element which dates back to ancient Rome! Most couples see the cake as another reflection of their wedding design and want it to be… Read More »

Photobombs & Uncle Bobs: how to ruin a perfect photo

You may have seen the social media buzz about Tom Hanks “photobombing” a couple’s wedding photography in New York. The couple and their photographer, Meg Miller, were surprised by the popular actor jogging into their shoot in the park. Hanks lived up to his bonhomie reputation and posed for photos with the couple, including selfies he… Read More »

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose…

Next to your dress and your ring, one of the most personal expressions of a wedding is your bridal bouquet. And in a recent Brides Magazine poll, 3 out of 4 guests remembered what the flowers looked like at the last wedding they attended.  Flowers are not only an expression of style and color, but… Read More »

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

With over 230 days of sun per year and stunning sunsets, the area of St. Pete/Clearwater is known as the Suncoast.  One of the realities of enjoying coastal life is dealing with hurricane season from June-November.  We have been reminded of that these last two days as we are stocking up on supplies, filling sandbags,… Read More »