Beach Bride Hairstyles

A braided up-do for shorter hair

When working with beach brides, especially our destination clients, a consultation via phone or Skype is just one step to helping a bride pick a hairstyle to look beautiful on your special day. Hiring an unfamiliar hairstylist or makeup artist can be worrisome for a bride, especially one planning from far away. It takes a great deal of trust. I try to simplify the process for my clients, after all, we are Simple Weddings. But I also want as much information from you so you can feel more confident. 

Bohemian & a bit of vintage ’20s for curly hair

Typically, once you’ve gotten a quote on our services and booked hair and makeup, your Simple Weddings’ planner will ask you to provide inspiration photos from Pinterest or other sources of hairstyles you like (this process will work the same whether it’s just hair and makeup for the bride, or if you have a bridal party, mother of the bride, or a combination of services).  

Volume, texture and classic side swept bangs for this bride


Your planner will share your photos with me, and have you complete my makeup and hair questionnaire. The questionnaire helps me understand more about your hair length, texture, and general style.  I also usually ask for photos of your dress and veil or hair accessories in advance, that way I can make the best recommendation for you based upon all of the information. It’s important to communicate if you plan to make any significant changes to your hair before the wedding (something we don’t recommend).


If you’re a local bride, a trial is also possible for an additional fee, and will allow us to experiment with a couple of different looks. You can schedule an appointment to meet me at our Simple Weddings office and bring the veil, headband, or other accessories you plan to wear. This is a great time to try different accessories for your hair if you aren’t certain about what looks best. Just remember that Pinterest can be a great tool for inspiration, but we also know that sometimes reality doesn’t meet the expectation.  We definitely don’t want you to be a Pinterest #FAIL on the most important day of your life! Plus, the right tools and products are an absolute necessity and our stylists will customize their kits for your needs. 

A variation on a woven chignon

I find that many of my beach brides are inspired by hairstyles that accentuate the fact that they are having a beach wedding. Whether we are doing loose, beach waves for a mermaid vibe, or a variation on an up-do with a bohemian headband, the focus is on sexier hair that isn’t too fussy or overly formal. The wind is the biggest challenge at the beach, so I chat with my clients to find a style that works well for their hair type, dress, and the weather conditions. An up-do is a great option for many brides, but an “Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s” style isn’t necessarily the right choice for the feel of a beach wedding. Instead, a braid, or

a looser chignon wore low is often more flattering and easier to maintain with the conditions.  


Sexy beach waves for this beautiful bride & her sister

And a final note on hair accessories. A veil can work at the beach, but again, wind is a factor. You might want to consider other options such as flowers, a crystal comb, or even a headband with a beach theme (we can recommend some great Etsy sites or even the City Bazaar here in Madeira Beach for great bridal hair accessories).   

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